Friday, May 11, 2012

When I was visiting a friend last month, I noticed this house next door.  The light was appealing, so I went and got my camera, tripod and what not out of the car.  I had been playing with her boys, so we had to take a break for me to set up my camera.  The children asked me about my camera, which was a Hasselblad, and probably looked unlike anything they had seen.  I told them about film, although I don't think they understood.  One of them asked me, "So are you like, a photographer, do you get paid, is this your job?"  I really had to laugh and tried to think of a response.  The obvious is, no I don't get paid, but it is sorta my job.  How do you explain that to a five year old, when its something I can't grasp myself?

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