Sunday, May 13, 2012


I'm getting together some images to create a new gallery on my website.  I've been sitting on some stuff for awhile, and trying to figure out what I've got.  It feels right to get them out there.  Over the last seven or eight months now (can it really be that long?) I've made  photographs at night.  Although I've not been as productive lately, there are enough  for me to start sifting through and arranging.  One thing I'm finding out, is that more than one body of work exists in these night photos.  Many of the subjects don't work well presented as one group, so I'm culling various series out of them.  The first is a series of skies I did at night.  The gallery on my site now has nine images, but I need twelve for the set to be more balanced, so I'll be adding to it.

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