Thursday, May 3, 2012


These guys were walking along Hwy 225, going no where in particular, from what they told me.  We all had stopped to check out this Chevy that was for sale.  I think one of them kept the pen I let him borrow to write down the number listed on the for-sale sign, he was interested in inquiring about the car.  It didn't matter, except later I needed the pen and couldn't find it.  They allowed me to follow them down the street some and take their picture, they seemed pretty into having their picture made, which was nice for me because it made my task easy.  Its really nice when people are willing and agreeable to having photos made of them.  I think they would have let me just hang out all afternoon.  We all liked the Chevy.  Above is the photo I was taking of just the car when they walked up.  Its a very nice green.

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