Thursday, January 5, 2012

Short Street

My new favorite picture. Of mine I mean. Not in general. I'm not that conceited.


  1. THAT'S a fine image, Scott - getting at lots of the stuff we were chatting about last night. That grey/blue disintegrating sky, and that kick ass tungsten yellow coming through that window and then that really nice almost circular illumination on the fence as well as that sort of moving weed in the foreground - the shadows in this once are damn nice as well. Also has that nice sideways/askew look again. Yeah, I like this one - want to do a trade??

  2. Yes please, I would love to do a trade. I'm happy to do that, any size in particular you'd prefer?

  3. Hmmmm....not sure. What do you think? Maybe in the 11 x 14 ish range (10 inch square??), or so. Have a look around my site, and I'll print you up something, and/or dig through the archives.