Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Old Work I Stumbled Upon While Being Bored

As I've been waiting to finish shooting a couple rolls and get them developed, and since I'm not having anything new to scan, I've taken the time to look back over some old work. The recent photographs that I'm making at night require a lot of color correction to get the right balance. There are multiple light sources, and they create color casts on various parts of the image.

Since I've been having to think about color even more so with these new images, and because I'm in a lull of scanning new film, I went back and looked at some old work. Some of which was never color balanced in the first place, often because it was never used or even printed. I also found some images that I felt I could better correct now from the first attempt and I readjusted those. Here are a few. I'm posting them because otherwise they will never see the light of day and basically because I'm bored. These are all from circa 2009, but they feel like a lot longer ago than that.

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