Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I saw this family on the front steps of their home while driving around the other day. They were enjoying popsicles and the nice weather. They didn't speak much English, but I was able to communicate that I wanted to take a picture of them. This elicited laughter and self-consciousness from all, save the little girl. So I was able to photograph her. One woman even ran into the home to hide from the camera. I wanted to ease them with my charming and calm manner, but it was hard to do when they were inside and not present. However, I was happy enough to make several photos of this child.

As I continued my drive, I saw so many intriguing, incongruent events; such as a child's sandbox bucket on top of a car in which a rather stern and serious woman was sitting. It struck me as odd how the bucket was out of reach for a child to even obtain, as if taunting some passing-by toddler with its promise of fun and sand. I saw a cat chasing and hunting a rather stressed squirrel. I saw a "No Trespassing" sign next to a "Welcome" sign, which definitely sent a mixed message and confused me endlessly. I saw fences, lawn gnomes, cars, signs, appliances, cats (lots of cats), multiple strollers on a porch, multiple bikes on a porch (as in too many, way to many bikes for that porch), a plethora of children's toys (many for transportation and mobility)such as tricycles and pedal cars, which makes me think,"Where are all these children off to? Do they have jobs to go to? And where in fact are they, because I only see evidence of their having been here. I saw all of this and more than I can say.

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