Monday, August 29, 2011

I wanted the chickens

Couple weeks back I was turning around in a driveway and saw these fantastic chicken sculptures, or whatever they are. I don't even know. Anyway, I got out and the owner came out as I approached his door to ask permission to make a picture. He was obliging, however, he told me to just be careful of the dog tied up below the window."He will bite you", he said.

I wanted a photo of just the chickens in the window, so basically I wanted to be closer. Like under the window closer to get what I was after. However, that put me in range of the dog's chain. And he would bite me. So this was a close as I could get. Which isn't the same. Its ok. The picture is interesting, I guess. But not really at all what I wanted. This is a detail of the chickens from the window. You can see their awesomeness. The rooster had a confederate flag for feathers. You can't beat that. I was thinking, well why can't you help me out and hold the dog back? But I came to realize that the dog would have probably bitten him too.

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