Friday, August 19, 2011

Burkett C. McInturff's office

The most fascinating man, and living attorney, resides in Kingsport, TN. At 92 he is still practicing law. I came across him and his office on some off-chance while exploring Kingsport last month. His stories and life are fascinating and too grand to even begin to expound upon here. But I plan on revisiting him and documenting what I can of his life and character.

He told me the desk pictured was purchased by him at the start of his career for $10. He wouldn't part with it for any sum of money. Its as if the desk is a metaphor for his life and career. He told me of the cases he worked on over the desk, and also of the checks that were laid upon it.

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  1. oh my, i know this man. he was my moms lawyer when i was a kid. i remember going to visit his office as a child. i just loved him.