Monday, January 24, 2011


Shot this a couple weeks back on 4x5. So today I went to order some more sheet film. I thought I'd get some 400 speed film for the 4x5, and saw that Kodak has discontinued the 400 speed in their color negative film. I guess this happened recently, maybe its just been a while since I tried to order any. But this sucks. Seems they discontinued the 400 speed in 120 as well. Hopefully they replace with something new. I can wish.


  1. I couldn't find anything that said Kodak was discontinuing Portra 400 for 4x5 or 120, just that they were back-ordered. I hope that's actually a good sign for film sales.

  2. BH has it listed as discontinued. Hopefully they are incorrect. Just makes me a little worried.

  3. It looks like Kodak just calls their new film just plain old "Portra 400", and they say it will be available in every format from 35mm to 8x10. But for some reason B&H and Adorama are "temporarily sold out" of the new stuff.

    Adorama still has some of the 400NC left in 4x5