Saturday, September 3, 2011


I've added a new gallery to my website. It features my Polaroid photos. A couple years ago, Polaroid announced they would be discontinuing their film manufacturing. I spent about nine months shooting with my SX70 camera and Land Camera to make a body of Polaroid images, since they would soon be gone forever.

However, the Impossible Project came along and still offer films for Polaroid cameras. I recently ordered my first Polaroid film through the Impossible Project. It was really nice to be able to shoot again. The only downside is the cost. Its prohibitively expensive for me, unless I'm able to get some grant or something. Anyway, I shot the pack I had and felt happy. Maybe it'll be something I can treat myself to once or twice a year. Anyway, I figured it was time to edit these Polaroid photos and do something with them. Maybe I'll do a little book too. I think those are always kinda fun.


  1. nice photo of the baby doll head! creepy!

    i also like the eggs on the street, the dead bunny and the other unidentifiable squashed dead animal. you know me...

    but the pay-per-ride horse and shadow might be my favorite photo in the bunch.

  2. It was a turtle. Sad. Dead bunnies and turtles, you know the turtle and hare, so they both lost the race. The pay-per-ride is gone now.