Sunday, May 1, 2011


If you happen to find yourself in Sylva, NC this Friday, May 6th from 6-9 PM then come by 511 Mill Street in downtown and check out the art show I'm in. SLUMP! is the title of the show, and its One Night Only! The work of the MFA students from WCU will be on display. I can guarantee you that if you come, you will see work by me that you will likely never see again. That's really all I can say about what I'm showing. I do plan on documenting it, so maybe that will surface sometime. But I figure, a show of just grad students for one night has to feature something completely different. And the entire time I've been in school I've waited to show this work. And now I will. The element it was missing is now part of it, and its ready to debut. Plus, you get to see some of the work of the students that are actually talented.

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