Thursday, April 14, 2011

Finally getting the picture

I've driven past this scene so many times, but never stopped to make a photograph. Part of the problem was seeing it from the road and not knowing how to get the right angle. Well, earlier this week the light was as I'd seen it so many time before, but this time I was determined to stop and attempt to make a picture. I was able to find the angle once I drove around and found the spot. And being resourceful, I was able to get high enough to capture what I was after.

Probably my favorite detail is the little dog in the window at the bottom trailer. Its hard to see at this size and viewing on a computer, but its there. I've made several pictures with little dogs in a window or door, and they are an element that really pleases me for some reason. Probably because she was barking at me the whole time and letting me know she was there. I liked the fact she was there.

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