Friday, February 25, 2011


I wanted to do a series of 4x5 portraits of my daughter, wife and myself since I've been creating this body of work with family as subjects. For some reason a lamp got turned on when I made my daughter's picture, so there's a color cast I can't get rid of. I'll order more film and retake hers. I was able to at least convert it to black and white, but they need to all be in color. She was so patient sitting there while I fiddled with things to take the picture. Its not easy for a kid to do that, I can't keep still myself.

Looking at the ones I have got me wanting to retake them all with some subtle changes. The view camera can be tricky and you have to be so deliberate in what you want it to do. Its not very efficient to keep experimenting with expensive 4x5 film, but I really want to get what I'm after.

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