Saturday, February 20, 2010

Has Modernism Failed?

The below quote is for me a profound statement about our contemporary, global, capitalist society. It strikes a chord that resonates very deeply for me and my thoughts about the society in which we live and its affect on not only our daily lives, but also the context in which we create and respond to art.

"For better or worse, modern consciousness is solitary, consequent to the disestablishing of communal reality. It is the most intense form of individualism the world has ever known. Modern life is lived in a world turned upside down, in which we are painfully aware of our separateness but however paradoxically, the reality of our social situation: the most fundamental assumption of modernity, as Daniel Bell has pointed out, is that the social unit of society is not the group, guild, tribe, or city, but the person. That the contemporary bourgeois artist, as a result of these historical processes, sees his relation to art as an individual, and not as a social, relation is inevitable. Individualism and antitraditionalism are one and the same psychological force."
-Suzi Galik, Has Modernism Failed?

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